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Price: ¥26,500

Price: ¥26,500
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· 広葉樹 (写真のカメラはメープルを使用)
· 真鍮とステンレススチール
· 合皮(表面と裏面)


· 焦点距離 50mm
· イメージエリア 57 x 57mm.
· 針穴サイズ 0.3mm (f/168).
· 内臓式シャッター
· 巻き上げ・巻き戻しノブ(2つ)
· スライド式窓(フィルム撮影枚数確認用)
· 1/4-20 トライポッド(三脚)取り付け具
· バブルレベル(気泡水準器)

6x6フォーマット= 通常の120フィルムで12枚の撮影が可能です。


• 受注生産

• 海外発送可能

このカメラについてご質問がございましたらこちらのContact Form をご記入ください

- English -

This limited edition camera, is a 120 film pinhole camera. It has a simple clean design.
The camera has comfortable rounded edges with a synthetic leather finish on the front and back.

The internal shutter slides across the topplate to open and shut.
This shutter design has the advantage of leaving the camera's front clear for adding other accessories.

Film advancing is done by the film winders, that can be rotated in both directions
(this allows for getting creative with double exposures).


· Prime grade hardwood (Maple is shown)
· Hardware Brass and stainless steel
· Synthetic leather


· Pinhole to film distance 50mm (focal length)
· Image area 57 x 57mm
· Pinhole laser drilled 0.3mm (f/168)
· Internal shutter
· 2x film winders
· Frame window with sliding door
· 1/4-20 tripod mount on base
· Bubble level on the top plate

6x6 format= 12 images per roll on a regular 120 film


• Sorry this has now sold out.
• I am designing the next version of the 6x6 camera

Please use our Contact Form for any questions and pre-ordering the next camera.

Image of PH-03 Image of PH-03